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Mark Peterson


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My Motivation

At the end of my life what will be said of the time I was on earth?  I know that if I relied on myself I would leave nothing.  God however through Jesus has redeemed me and I want to tell this good news to others.  The blessings that he gives me will leave a clear monument to His Glory.

My Background

I have been in restaurant management for more than 30 years and currently run the Brickton Road Panera Bread Café.  I Have been married for 26 years to the most wonderful woman, Kimberly, and have three incredible children.

My Spiritual Journey

I grew up in a Christian family we went to church twice on Sunday, Wednesday night,  and probably Saturday as well.  I never really made this relationship with God my own though.  God still had his hand knocking on the door to my heart.  He used a car accident that almost took my life to wake me up and realize that life apart from Him is not enjoyable.  I know that nothing I do or could do makes me worth the gift of his salvation but accepting that gift and growing closer to Him is the best way I can live my life.

One more thing

I really enjoy music if you see me playing the bass guitar or trumpet or singing you’ll see a huge smile on my face from praising God and enjoying music.